Subaru's Partnership with Toyota

Everything You Need to Know About Subaru's Partnership with Toyota

The automotive industry has seen a gradual shift toward electric vehicles over the years, and Subaru has responded to a growing demand for eco-friendly cars and alternative powertrains by partnering with Toyota. With the help of Toyota's first-rate technology, Subaru's best and brightest have dedicated themselves to developing their own lineup of fully electric vehicles (EVs) while preserving the values that made the brand an industry giant. As the preeminent Subaru dealer in Quebec, QC, Desjardins Subaru is thrilled to share the details of this revolutionary partnership with customers from our home base and the nearby areas of Vanier, Beauport, Ste-Foy, Charlesbourg, and Lebourgneuf. Read on to find out everything worth knowing about the fruits of this alliance, or contact our dealership for more information.

What Kind of Electric Vehicles is Subaru Designing and When Will They Be Available?

Subaru's collaboration with Toyota will produce a stable of large and mid-size electric SUVs, the first of which is expected to hit the market in the summer of 2022. Toyota's contributions to this initiative lie in the battery technology, specifically the solid-state battery pack expected to power Subaru's EVs. Solid-state batteries yield a quicker charging time and greater driving range on a single charge than the lithium-ion battery pack found in many an EV, meaning Subaru's incoming innovations may very well set a new industry standard for electric automation.

As for what Subaru diehards can expect from its first fully electric vehicle, the upcoming SUV will boast some of Toyota's patented technology while embodying Subaru's key tenets. In other words, the brand's first EV will put safety first, offer a riveting ride and a low center of gravity, and include all-weather and off-road capability. Much like the 2022 BRZ sports coupe Subaru and Toyota recently developed together, this new electric SUV's measurables will be similar to those of the fan-favourite Forester. The first Subaru EV will be tailor-made for those who commute in and around the city with regularity, thanks to a continuously variable transmission that makes for seamless shifts and steering-wheel paddle shifters providing a responsive drive. All-wheel drive will come standard on one of the electric SUV's trims for those who love hitting the trails, with a front-wheel drive option available to city slickers.

While Subaru's joint venture into the electric vehicle segment with Toyota was announced some time ago, the brand recently brought its designs one step closer to reality by giving its long-awaited electric SUV a name: Solterra. The aptly named Subaru EV may owe some of its hardware to Toyota, but like its future stablemates, it will boldly carry the Subaru name and set a new standard for electric automation.

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Which Fully Electric Subaru Models are Already Available?

As of right now, the Crosstrek plug-in hybrid variation is the only Subaru model with an alternative powertrain, but rest assured, that will change soon enough. The hybrid Crosstrek was an early result of Subaru's collaboration with Toyota in 2019, marking the beginning of a partnership that will produce some of the most reliable EVs on the market. In addition to the upcoming Solterra, Subaru intends to design fully electric variations of three long-running favourites: the Crosstrek, the Outback, and the Forester. Until the 2022 Solterra takes the market by storm, feel free to get acquainted with the hybrid Crosstrek or any other member of our New Subaru inventory.

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