Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Peace of Mind for the Road Ahead

With the convenient Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. (Customer Assistance for Roadside Emergencies) program, members are guaranteed not only quick, courteous emergency roadside assistance in Canada and the United States, but also other benefits designed to ensure an extraordinary experience with your Subaru - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

the extensive Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. program is offered free of charge for the first three years from date of purchase on every new Subaru vehicle, as part of a Subaru Protection Plan, or with the purchase of a Subaru Certified pre-owned vehicle.

roadside assistance

By calling the dedicated 24-hour, toll-free telephone number ( CANADA 1-800-263-8802 ) on your Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card, you - and anyone driving your vehicle with your Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card - can receive roadside assistance for any of the following emergencies:

Beyond the roadside services available to you and anyone driving your vehicle with your Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. membership card, there are also other services available specifically to you, as the registered owner of the vehicle. These services are another example of Subaru’s commitment to your peace of mind and include:

free delivery

Fuel Delivery (Gasoline)

If your vehicle runs out of gas, an emergency supply of up to 10 litres of fuel (when available) will be delivered. You will be obligated to pay for this fuel at current pump prices. Specific quantities, brands or octane ratings cannot be promised.

Lock-Out Service

Lock-Out Service

If the keys are locked inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, a service person will attempt to open the vehicle. You may be required to sign a release of liability form prior to this service being rendered.

Battery Boost Service

Battery Boost Service

If your vehicle's battery is dead, a service person will attempt to start your vehicle with a battery booster or other available means.

Winching and Extrication Service

Winching and Extrication Service

If your vehicle is stuck, it will be extricated by a service person if it can be safely reached from a normally travelled road or thoroughfare. Service is limited to one service vehicle and one operator.



If attempts by a service person have failed to make your vehicle safely operable, towing service will be provided to either:

  1. 1.The nearest authorized Subaru Dealer or authorized Subaru Service Centre within a 360 km radius; or
  2. 2.The nearest CAA contract station or CAA Approved Auto Repair Service facility.

Flat Tire Service

If your vehicle has a flat tire, a service person will install the vehicle's inflated and mounted spare tire (when applicable).

Membership Benefits

Theft And Hit-And-Run Reward

Theft And Hit-And-Run Reward

A reward of $500 (Canadian funds) is offered to any Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. member who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of:

a) Any person who steals another member’s car, boat or snowmobile.

b) Any person guilty of a hit-and-run causing personal injury.


Arrest Bond Certificate

You, as the registered vehicle owner, are protected against the need for immediate cash payment or temporary detainment if arrested for most traffic violations while operating your vehicle in a jurisdiction of the United States that accepts the Arrest Bond Certificate, up to $5,000 (Canadian funds). You will be billed for the payment of the fine upon returning to Canada.

Exclusions apply for certain offences or traffic violations, including:


Trip Accident & Mechanical Breakdown Assistance Service

A maximum of $360 (Canadian funds) will be paid to you, the registered vehicle owner, if, while driving, your vehicle is disabled as a result of an accident or mechanical breakdown that:

a) Occurs 360 km or more from your residence; and

b) Where the vehicle is immobile for a period of 24 hours or more.

The payment covers a car rental from a local recognized rental agency, or local meals and lodging, or commercial transportation to your destination or residence.

These benefits apply in Canada or USA and are subject to the following Conditions & Provisions:

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