2024 Solterra

Available for immediate delivery

2024 Solterra

Eligible for government incentives up to $12,000

2023, 2024 models and demo in-stock

Ascent - Outback - Forester

2023, 2024 models and demo in-stock

Available for immediate delivery

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Discover Desjardins Subaru

If you've ever had dealings with Desjardins Subaru, you probably know that the quality of service can make all the difference.

Our Subaru dealership in Quebec is not only made up of seasoned professionals, but also a friendly team that provides you with the best experience. For customers who come to visit us in person as well as those who prefer to buy online, we offer a people-focused approach.


Our New Subaru Vehicles

The Subaru range offers a good variety of models, whether you prefer sedans, SUVs, or even sports cars! Subaru's standard all-wheel drive system is rightly renowned for providing optimal stability in winter driving conditions.

Sedan enthusiasts will be pleased with a 2024 Impreza, a 2024 Legacy, or the new WRX. Unless you're looking for the sportiness of a coupe with the 2024 BRZ, a car that's a lot of fun to drive.

used cars

Your Subaru dealership for everything related to used Subarus

Customized service is also the strength of our used vehicle department. If you're looking for a high-quality used Subaru, you've come to the right place.

In fact, we're real used car specialists. What makes us say that? First, the quality of the vehicles we offer. Our professionals take the time to inspect each car that comes into the dealership to certify it. If it doesn't pass our technicians' rigorous testing, then it's simply not worthy of our inventory.


Outstanding Subaru service in Quebec City

Our Subaru service department is equally representative of our excellence. The professionals who will take care of your Subaru in Quebec are advisors and technicians certified by the brand.

Our experts know everything about Subaru vehicles, both new and old. They know what's best for your vehicle and honor quality with original parts.