Subaru EyeSight

Subaru EyeSight

The advanced driving assistance system exclusive to Subaru is available as an option on many models. This innovative active safety technology acts like a second pair of eyes, enhancing your vigilance by alerting you to imminent danger and even helping you avoid it. Using two cameras to monitor the road ahead, the EyeSight®* system provides four technologies of preventive driver assistance when you need it most.

Preventive driver assistance technologies

1) Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set speed and will automatically adjust to keep a safe distance from the car ahead. It is also capable of bringing your vehicle to a full stop and resume your settings as traffic begins to flow again. From 2020 onwards, all vehicle models will be equipped with Lane Centring Assist to help keep your vehicle within the lane while Adaptive Cruise Control is in use.

2) Pre-collision Braking

Pre-collision Braking helps to gradually slow or stop the car completely when it sees a panic braking situation unfolding ahead of you.

3) Pre-collision Throttle Management

Pre-collision Throttle Management is designed to cut power from an absent-minded start, if it detects a potentially hazardous object is in your way.

4) Lane Departure and Sway Warning

Lane Departure and Sway Warning both activate a chime sound when your vehicle begins to drift or is too close to another lane. This alert helps to keep you on the straight and narrow. Select 2017 Forester, Impreza, Outback and Legacy models and future models equipped with EyeSight® also incorporate Lane Keep Assist (Steering assistance control) to minimize lane deviations.

EyeSight® earns "Superior" Front Crash Prevention Ratings

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) evaluates crashworthiness (how well a vehicle protects its occupants in a crash), as well as crash avoidance and mitigation capability (systems that can prevent a crash or lessen its severity).

For front crash prevention ratings, the Institute conducts low- and moderate-speed tests of vehicles with automatic braking systems and assigns ratings of basic, advanced or superior based on the type of system and its performance.

With Subaru EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology, the Subaru Ascent, Crosstrek, Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid, Impreza 5-door, Legacy and Outback earn a Top Safety Pick combined with a Superior rating for front crash prevention - the highest ratings possible!

EyeSight System

Subaru Rear/Side Vehicle Detection

At Subaru, our goal is to develop active safety systems that combine advanced technology, smart design and superior engineering. The systems are intended to help drivers avoid accidents, make our roads more secure and move us towards full-perimeter preventive safety. The next step in this process is the Subaru Rear/Side Vehicle Detection (SRVD) System, which offers three main functions to improve visibility and help to minimize common causes for accidents: Blind-Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

blind-spot detection

Blind-Spot Detection

Using radar sensors and a visual indicator in each side mirror, this system warns the driver if another vehicle is positioned in the blind spot. This system is indispensible for times when a potential hazard appears in the road ahead and safe evasive action needs to be taken.

Lane Change Assist

Lane Change Assist

This system triggers a flashing indicator in each side mirror if it senses a vehicle quickly approaching in the next lane while you’re signaling a lane change. In fast-moving traffic, this system can help you judge another vehicle’s approach speed and keep you clear of potential danger.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Utilizing radar sensors at the back of the vehicle, this system warns of traffic approaching from either side as you reverse out of a parking space or driveway. The system encompasses audible warning signals, as well as visual indicators set in the side mirrors and projected onto the centre console touchscreen from the rear-view camera.

*EyeSight is a driver assistance system that may not function optimally under certain conditions. It is always the driver's responsibility to drive safely and cautiously. The system's effectiveness depends on many factors, such as vehicle maintenance as well as weather and road conditions. Refer to the Owner's Manual for system operation details and limitations.

The Subaru Rear/Side Vehicle Detection (SRVD) System, Blind-Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert are systems designed to assist the driver by monitoring the rear and side areas of the vehicle during a lane change or when reversing. These systems are in no way to be considered a substitute for safe and attentive driving.

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