Subaru Global Platform

Subaru Global Platform

For over 50 years, Subaru has been at the very forefront of automotive safety, striving to secure the protection of all occupants at all times. So it's no surprise that the manufacturer with a full line of vehicles already acclaimed for their safety is raising the bar again with the Subaru Global Platform. This advanced architecture, used for the first time in the all-new 2017 Impreza and 2018 Crosstrek, will play a key role in the next generation of all Subaru vehicles.

Engineered to outperform

The Subaru Global Platform has been engineered with three main objectives in mind: increasing straight-line stability, reducing noise and vibration, and boosting ride comfort. The new architecture features a 70-100% increase in structural rigidity (depending on the models being compared), incorporatessignificant enhancements to the steering and suspension systems, and allows for an even lower centre of gravity, which means even more responsive and sportier handling for the driver.

This design also reduces the amount of vibration felt through the steering wheel, floor and seats, while producing a level of quietness that exceeds current best-in-class standards. Lastly, by utilizing more rigid suspension mounting, the Subaru Global Platform reduces body roll by 50% compared to current models, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride over even the roughest surfaces.

Built for the future

From great strength comes great security - this is why the super-strong Subaru Global Platform creates incredible levels of protection. Greater active safety is achieved through increased structural rigidity, improvements to the steering and suspension systems, and a lower centre of gravity. All of these enhancements combine to create a more stable driving experience and greater accident avoidance capabilities.

From a passive safety standpoint, superior rigidity results from an advanced architecture and the increased use of high-tensile steel plates. This enables 40% more efficient crash energy absorption compared to current Subaru vehicles using the previous frame architecture. The Subaru Global Platform shows the potential to meet or exceed the anticipated standards for collision safety in the year 2025.

Flexible - without all the flexing

The Subaru Global Platform is so named because it can be adapted to the requirements for everything from a compact hatchback to a 7/8-seater SUV. This level of flexibility has many benefits to the Subaru customer and to the environment.

Existing Subaru factories around the world can be quickly turned over to produce different models according to what types of vehicles customers want and need. In addition, this revolutionary design can be modified to accept a variety of powertrains; ranging from our current gasoline SUBARU BOXER engines to future alternate powertrains down the road. The result: a truly flexible and environmentally friendly way to meet the needs of drivers for years to come.

Advanced Frame: Strength and safety come from deep within

Subaru is stronger and safer than ever before, the result of ever-improving production methods and endless technological advances. The starting point is in the construction of the vehicle itself and the quality of materials used. An ultra-rigid frame and body set the stage for improved vehicle performance in all respects, from driving dynamics to crash protection.


High-performance construction, high-performance results

The frame is the building block upon which all the key vehicle attributes are built. From years of focusing on the best possible production standards, the Subaru Ring Shaped Reinforcement Frame is the perfect platform for delivering unsurpassed driving confidence.In designing this frame, the engineers at Subaru aimed to maximize frame strength and torsional rigidity while minimizing weight. This approach has created a more solid feeling all around, as well as more precise and consistent handling, especially on rough roads and through the corners.The super-strong frame also enables the suspension system to work more efficiently, delivering a smoother ride by isolating passengers from noise and vibration. And the lightweight construction helps deliver a better power-to-weight ratio and better fuel efficiency.


Engineered to surpass industry-leading safety standards

The Subaru Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame sees the pillars, body-side frames and floor cross-members positioned in a ring-like layout, all connected together to form a super-strong protective safety cell. This proprietary design incorporates high-tensile strength steel to provide high-impact protection and a front crumple zone that diverts energy away from the passenger compartment.The B-pillar in particular is a powerful work of art, constructed of eight different layers of high-strength, high-tension steel that envelope an ultra high-strength boron rod. This column is cut and welded with a laser, then welded along the edges to create a uniform and incredibly strong structure. The roof is exceptionally strong as well — it’s made of the same Japanese steel that was used to forge Samurai swords. These seemingly extreme measures ensure that the Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame provides a balance between protecting against collisions and controlling energy dissipation, from any and all directions. This design is so effective, it’s helped Subaru become the only manufacturer to receive a Top Safety Pick designation from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) for all its models for six consecutive years (2010-2015).


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